Cactus Collection Goat Milk Soap


Choose your primary cactus color, in Green, Purple, Yellow, Pink, or ask for a specific color.  The remainder cacti and succulents will be a selected variety of colors. One Bowl, Bath and Epsom Salts, and 9 Soaps included for $35.


Luxurious Goat Milk Soap shaped like Cacti and Succulents.
Each piece is placed in a bed of bath salts, with additional Epsom salts in the layer beneath.  Everything in the bowl is usable for your bath, and then you’ll have a nice soup or cereal bowl afterwards.  Colors vary, but you can choose your primary cactus color, which is the largest soap of the set.  The cactus is almost two inches high, and the smallest succulent is a little bigger than a marble.  If you’d like to purchase multiple sets with differing primary cactus color, please request it in on the check out page.  You can  add your requests in the same box where you choose unscented, vanilla or lavender during check out.  I try to honor special requests whenever possible.