was 2020 anything like you expected it to be?
how about 2021
and beyond?
Don't get caught off
guard the next time
Disaster strikes!

Here’s how I can help…


I never thought in the 21st Century I would have to worry about a Pandemic. I was totally caught off guard when I had to evacuate for a natural disaster. Never before have I seen the supermarket shelves bare. Where can I find some toilet paper? Why am I never ready for emergencies? How do I even prepare?



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The Ultimate Guide for Getting and Staying Ready for the Un/Expected

who this is for

Every person who has ever been unprepared for an emergency or disaster.

Every person on the planet.


Easy to fill in templates to record important information.  Have contact information, along with copies of vital documents all in one place.  This will walk you through how to prepare your family emergency plan.

Checklists, including how to prepare your emergency kit.  Additional kit suggestions for several specific types of disasters. Recommendations to keep you financially afloat during a catastrophic event.

What are you actually supposed to do during an emergency?  Most people panic because they don’t know what to do.  Easy to follow guides will advise you on what to do before, during and after the event.

this is my disaster story...

When the Pandemic closed my self employment job as an Electrologist, I thought I was going to die, financially speaking.  All “non-essential” businesses were closed for 3 weeks.  Ok, maybe I could survive 3 weeks.  It was extended another 3 weeks, and an additional month.  By the time I could fully reopen, over 6 months had passed.  

Several years earlier, my late husband passed away without warning, from a heart attack.  We made no “final” plans, and I was bankrupt.  When the pandemic hit, I was in no financial position to withstand a loss of income.

Then lightning struck, sparking multiple fires, including one 5 miles from my home.  I was completely ill prepared to evacuate if needed, or endure any type of disaster.  That is why I created Smart Solutions for Disasters & Emergencies. Now I’m confident I have a plan to withstand the next catastrophe.  I’d like to help you prepare as well. 


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“This book, ‘Smart Solutions for Disasters and Emergencies’, is an exceptionally useful, very easy to read, and vitally important tool in disaster preparedness. I highly recommend reading it and utilizing its workbook pages so that you can successfully navigate through emergencies.”

– Robyn Phillips, CEO of Zouzouni Beauty, LLC


We specifically cover what to do in the event of:
a drought, extreme heat, hurricane, cyclone, typhoon, flood, snowstorm, extreme cold, tornado, thunderstorm, lightning, earthquake, landslide, debris flow, tsunami, volcano, wildfire, pandemic, death, bioterrorism, nuclear explosion, active shooter, mass attacks of crowds, home fires and power outages.



You can, but it is a very time consuming process, and it’s easy to miss important steps.  Most people don’t take the time to prepare for disasters ahead of time, let alone do all the research it takes to get ready for an emergency.  Time is better spent following the steps and advice in this book, rather than reinventing the guidelines already included here.

You can order your copy right from this page!  It is a DIGITAL product, which means nothing will be shipped to you.  You will receive an electronic copy of the book (almost) instantly!  You can print it at home, or take to a shop to print for you.  Please note the copyright specifically prohibits printing more than one copy per purchase.

Not at all.  The book is broken into 3 parts, and is over 170 pages.  The first section is a series of templates to record important information you need to have with you during an emergency.  The next section reviews best practices for before, during and after a catastrophic event.  The last section gives additional preparation advice.

Some emergency planners get into a level of detail that is so overwhelming, people simply don’t use the system.  Other guides read like your high school chemistry books – boring.  This book combines prompts to document your individual information, with easy to follow steps on what to do during a crisis.  It is full of images to highlight all the information you’re reading, and makes it a fun project instead of a chore. 

Due to the nature of digital products, we cannot offer a guarantee or refund.  However, the more information you include in your family plan, the more prepared you will be.  This book only works if you read it, record your information, and follow the guidelines.


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And I want to help you solve the problem of being unprepared for disasters.  We can’t control catastrophic events, but we can control how organized and ready we are to meet them head on.  Let me guide you through making a plan, recording vital information, and best practices for before, during and after an emergency.  This is exactly what Smart Solutions for Disasters & Emergencies is about.  It is your roadmap to put you in control when disaster strikes. 


The best time to prepare for a disaster is yesterday.  The second best time is NOW.


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