Pet’s Paws Goat Milk Soap


Just the opposite of muddy paws, these paws are made from goat milk soap.  Perfect for the animal lover in your life, or for yourself.  These are the cleanest paws you’ll ever see! Two for $8, or four for $15.


These cute soaps give new meaning to the words “wash your paws”.  They are about 2″ long, 2″ at the widest point, and 3/4″ high (not including the raised paw pads).  Made with goat milk soap, they are available unscented, or with either lavender or vanilla fragrance.  If you would like to customize your paws, please enter your request for paw and pad color on the check out page (under the box where you enter your email).  We try to accommodate special orders.  Two paws for $8, or four for $15.